Jehovah’s Witnesses – Petition to Remove Tax Exempt Status

This is just a short post encouraging readers to sign this petition. Please review the information on the petition’s page, as well as the information on the billboard at There is more information also found here: Does Watchtower Have a Problem with Child Abuse?

Please sign this petition, there must be consequences in order for change to come about. Let this be a consequence. 

Revoke 501(c)(3) status of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society


  • Bernadette Kennedy

    When my son was forced by his father to be a JW at the age of 14 I found out that they were using the Labor department for 30 years, support employees at the printing press and other sights while they were expected to continue working to cut costs. They were also given a place to live and meals. Their strategy was exact and deliberate. Our Governor and Attorney General both consider this practice fraud and have referred my complaints but nothing has been done accept that the ministry has stopped such practices.


  • Go after the Church of latter day Saints first,they have $40 BILLION worth of assets!


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