Jehovah’s Witness Convention 2016—A Weekend of Robbery and Manipulation

Having viewed a few of the videos from the convention for this year, there is one in particular that disappoints me the most. Please watch:

Robbing Children of Their Potential

This video portrays a young man with musical talent being discouraged from pursuing his dreams. When I first saw this video, I nearly began to cry. There is nothing else to call this other than a horrendous crime. Beyond that however, it is also a grossly hypocritical display.

Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha

A famous Canadian supermodel, she has appeared on television several times. She has been a Jehovah’s Witness since she was a child, and still goes door-to-door.

She has had quite a few accomplishments according to her wikipedia page:

  • In October 2010, Coco Rocha was given Marie Claire’s Prix d’Excellence as their model of the year at a ceremony in Paris.
  • In November 2010, Rocha was awarded the Seventeen Body Peace award by Seventeen magazine. Rocha had contributed a number of articles to Seventeen on the topic of girls’ body image and self-esteem. On February 14, 2011 Coco was awarded the Elle Style award for ‘Model of the Year’ by Boy George in London.
  • On June 16, 2011, Coco Rocha and husband James Conran both received awards for their philanthropic work at the Pay It Fashion Forward event in Manahattan, NY. In 2012, Vogue Paris declared her one of the top 30 models of the 2000s.
  • On February 1, 2014, Rocha was awarded the “Model of the Year Award” at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards in Toronto, Canada. On April 24, 2014 she received the prestigious Vienna Fashion Award as Style Icon at a lavish ceremony at Vienna’s Museumsquartier.

Indeed, she’s enjoyed a life of great sucess and affluence. What if the video above had been of a young person who wanted to persue acting or modeling? On what grounds could Watchtower portray this being discouraged? We have an example in Coco Rocha of a Witness who is successful and famous. Apparently the pressures of the world aren’t a concern for Coco, and how would she react if she were at a convention where a child was directly discouraged from pursuing a career as a model?

Serena Williams


A famous athlete and a name you are likely to know. Serena Williams is a very talented tennis player who has either been a runner up or won many tournaments for the sport. She is actually ranked number one in womens tennis according to Wikipedia.

Do you know who she attributes this success in her sport to? Notice what this website has to say about her:

If Serena Williams wins Wimbledon Saturday (July 11), she will likely say — as she usually does after a big win — “I want to thank Jehovah God.”

Serena Williams’ Secret Weapon: ‘Jehovah God’

If you are a Jehovah’s Witness, what are your thoughts on her beliefs that Jehovah helps her win at tennis? Again, it appears she is not discouraged from these expressions or from being famous. Why is that, do you think?

I pose a similar question to the one from above: say that it was a young peron who wanted to be a tennis player, or some other athlete? On what grounds could Watchtower discourage that young one the way they discouraged the young person in the video above? How can they discourage this but not discourage Serena Williams? It is an incredible hypocrisy. But let’s get specific, what about music?



Sadly, Prince recently passed away. Jehovah’s Witnesses wasted no time publicizing their memorial service for the star, which featured several celebrities in attendence. Prince was a very talented musician, and he had fans all over the world. How would he have reacted to a video of a young man being discouraged from pursuing his dreams as a musician?

I cannot imagine that Prince would have reacted well to this video. He clearly loved music, and continued to pursue his career well after becoming a Jehovah’s Witness. The elders in the Kingdom Hall which he attended remarked on it, saying that he was often out of town. It is an unbelievable hypocrisy for Watchtower to discourage this young boy from his dreams when they clearly had nothing to say to Prince on the same.

There is more to this convention than this high level of hypocrisy, there is also a veiled dishonesty.

Deliberate Manipulation

As a Jehovah’s Witness, it is highly unlikely that you get to see the outlines for the convention parts. I would like to show you a snippet from the final parts outline.

Snippet from talk 49

This direction given to the speaker is a deliberate misrepresentation to the audience. Allow me to expliain.

Epistemological Failure

To begin, notice that the direction is specifically to relate a verified positive local experience. This is a dishonesty, because it does not ask the question of how many prayers went unanswered. Imagine if they took a poll of all the congregants in the district and then reported how many feel their prayers were answered and how many feel they were not, do you think this would be a more accurate representation of truth? I certainly do. This is even worse though, because if no positive experience exists they just pick one of their own published examples! This is such a deliberate dishonesty it boggles my mind. It is also the manufacture of confirmation bias.

There is more though, because even if they find a “verified” local experience there is no way to show that it was Jehovah that answered this prayer. How could it be shown that it was not merely chance? Or perhaps some person looking out for them? It could not possibly be proven that Jehovah answered the prayer, it must be assumed.

Let me ask another question though: if you must believe that Jehovah answered this prayer, how could it be shown that it was Jehovah and not some other God? Now you may be thinking, “I know because it was to Jehovah that the prayer was directed.” But this does not actually prove it was Jehovah. Perhaps it was Allah; maybe answering this prayer played some small role in his grand plan for the universe. Or maybe it was some Hindu god for similar reasons – how could we show that it was Jehovah and not one of these? Could we?

Taking a lot on Assumption

Much is being assumed by the speaker. First, they are assuming that you will not see this outline, which directs them to deliberately look for only a positive experience without any consideration to the negative. Second, they are assuming God answered this prayer. Third, they are assuming that the God that answered this prayer was Jehovah. However, none of these things can be proven. So now, it’s likely you are thinking, “this is where faith comes in.”

I would like to have a candid discussion on this subject of faith. As a Jehovah’s Witness, you do not believe in faith-healing. Yet, it is a reality in many groups. Say you went to the doctor feeling something wasn’t quite right, and after listening to your discription of the symptoms you were experiencing the doctor said, “You have such-and-such.” The doctor ran no tests and did no examination, so you ask the doctor, “but how do you know that’s what it is?” He says, “Faith.” Would this be an adaquate doctors visit? How would you feel? Would you just accept their conclusion based on faith? Or what if the doctor did do an examination and determined that you have a dangerous strain of the flu which is easily cured with a prescription; but, instead of proscribing the medicine they proscribed prayer. Would this be acceptable to you?

There is no doubt in my mind that you are thinking both of these examples are absurd and that you would be changing doctors. Some of you may even be looking for a way to explain this away, saying, “This isn’t at all the same thing as what is happening in the convention talk.” But it is exactly the same thing, because it is a question of the reliability of faith in determining what is true. It is tantamount to just assuming you know something without really knowing it. What the speaker is being directed to do is to give you a biased example that ignores any checks and balances against it, and take for granted that you will assume to know something you don’t know about that example (that the answer must be God, and not just any God – but Jehovah God).

Worst Convention Ever

In reviewing the talk outlines and the videos that the convention is going to present, I must agree with my fellow activists that this is the worst convention I have ever known. This deliberately manipulative and epistemologically flawed part that closes the convention isn’t even the worst of it. If you read this website, I implore you to keep your eye on In the near future there will be articles and videos posted there elaborating on the convention in ways I cannot. I hope very much you will keep checking for these videos and articles, because this convention truly is an abomination.


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  • Ur full of shit, im not a wittness you tell ur son or daughter what’s best for them don’t you.would you like for me to tell you how to raise your kids ,didn’t think so dumb is about what pepole belive even if it’s a lie or truth,belive n love how you please I’ll still treat everyone the same ,with respect and understanding,stop the hate show love &understanding


    • That is a very interesting view point.

      You ask, “would you like me to tell you how to raise your kids?” Suggesting that it’s natural that I wouldn’t. And I agree, that is naturally not something anyone would allow a person to do. The mistake you have made is in believing that that this man is here portrayed raising his kid himself. He is being TOLD how to raise his kid, something we both agree isn’t natural. The man isn’t telling the kid these things because they’re his own ideas or opinions. He is being manipulated to think and feel a certain way, not allowed to develop his own thoughts and feelings.

      You also say it doesn’t matter if what a person believes is the truth or not. That is a claim I cannot believe that you actually hold as a value. For instance, if your doctor told you you had cancer and would be dead in 6 months. And then a month later says, “actually that was a lie.” How would you feel? Turn it around. What if the doctor kept insisting you were healthy while you kept getting sicker? Per your own words, it doesn’t matter if you actually are dying of cancer as long as you BELIEVE you aren’t. Surely you don’t actually think that, as thus the truth of a matter is actually very important.

      You say you are not a witness. I was, for all of my life until recently. Between the two of us, I certainly know far more about it. Your comment is the equivalent of me telling you how to do your job, wouldn’t that be outrageous?

      This organization kills people. Every single year. The number of people they have killed is unknown. But they have. Much like this father is coerced to train is boy by a certain standard, people have been coerced since the mid 1900s to kill themselves rather than accept a blood transfusion. Children have died. Pregnant women have died in child birth. I cannot imagine you are the type of person to really believe this kind of an organization should be acceptable.

      How would you feel if they came knocking at your door and your kids took interest? Maybe they study with them in your absence. Next thing you know your kids are going to their weekly meetings and talking about getting baptized. They give up on their college goals and stop talking about what they want to do for a living because they no longer want a career doing what they love – they want to serve Jehovah going door to door and making disciples. How would that make you feel?

      I would be more than happy to enlighten you on the Watchtower organization any time. Feel free to use the contact form on the website so we can email if you like. Lack of knowledge about how dangerous this organization is is exactly why people like yourself say these kinds of things. I suggest using the exjw Reddit, and to further educate yourself on the dangers of the Watchtower organization. I also suggest reading the book, “Combating Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan – so that you can learn exactly how these kinds of groups control and coerce their followers. They rob them of their money, their very potential, and sometimes even their very life.


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  • Are u or were u a JW?


    • I was raised a JW. I was fully committed to it until approximately two years ago.

      Then I wanted to know what was true and test my doubts. I studied the Bible very intensely for several months and disproved the door to door commission, the blood doctrine and the faithful slave doctrine. I stopped attending once I did this.

      I then began studying science. Which I’m still doing.


  • Usually when someone truly believes their decision is the right one, they don’t feel the need to look back.


    • This is false. Sometimes a person wants to know why they thought the way they did before. It’s more than just believing that a decision is the right one. I know that when I left my religious beliefs, I had a very strong desire to know why I ever believed them in the first place, or even why anybody else does. That has led to years of research into why humans believe what they do, into psychology of belief, cognitive errors and biases, the history of the Bible and other religious texts. I do this not because I’m not confident in my position, but out of genuine curiosity and the desire to help others who struggle with the same questions.


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