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Picking at Threads, Part 3 – Who Wrote the Torah?

For many, the Bible is the infallible, perfect Word of God, authored by the divine Creator of the Universe, penned by the prophets and pious religious leaders whose hands were guided by the Almighty. Traditionally, the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible) are said to have been written by Moses himself. But a close look at the text shows that this simply cannot be true.

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The Two Theories of Evolution

Evolution is a significant topic in discussions of religious belief, primarily because it challenges long held traditions and beliefs based on Scriptures. However, there are currently two theories of Evolution at large in the world. They are opposed to each other, yet they aren’t competitors. In this article we are going to examine both theories, their propositions, evidence, merits and why they both exist.

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A Year of Apostasy

Note: I was originally intending to post this on the very day of the anniversary of my apostasy but I was unable to complete it to my satisfaction. May 24, 2015.  It was a day I will always remember.  It was the day that for the first time in my life, I seriously considered that the Christian beliefs that I

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What All Religions Can Do

If you are a religious believer, odds are pretty good that you are confident that you are correct. You have a list of reasons why it is the truth and everyone else is wrong. But is that ability unique to your faith? This article covers what all religions can do to explain the truth of their claims and why this ability is not so special.

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Picking at Threads, Part 2 – Religions of the Ancient Near East

In part 2 of the Picking at Threads series, we have a look at some of the oldest religious traditions for which we have written evidence, in particular those of the Ancient Near East. The gods, stories, myths and heroes of these ancient peoples pre-date our oldest Biblical manuscripts by over a thousand years. This article will show how these cultures influenced each other as well as how their traditions changed over time and distance.

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A Secular View of Sin

In this post we examine sin and what it really is from a more scientific viewpoint. It turns out that humans truly are “sinners” in one sense of the word, but there is good news. No, I’m not referring to a Savior that came to deliver you from your depravity. The true good news is that even though you are a “sinner”, it is not your fault.

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