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Can God Prove Anything?

Could an all powerful creator of the universe prove his sovereignty? According to JW theology that is precisely what God is doing as we speak, by allowing Satan an opportunity to rule this world and prove his claim that he could do better than God. Satan will eventually fail and this will prove that we need God to rule. Sounds reasonable, right? But is it even possible? This article explores this with a little creative thinking and imagination.

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Watchtower Study June 12, 2016—”Let Endurance Complete Its Work”

Introductory Paragraphs I honestly have always found the description of the tactics that Gideon uses to defeat his enemies in battle amazing. The horns he gave his men were horns that usually only occurred one in so many groups of soldiers, so for that many horns to blow at once back then would have given the impression that a huge army

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Watchtower Study June 5, 2016—Being Faithful Leads to God’s Approval

The Watchtower study for this weekend is all about Jephthah’s daughter. I’ve opted to veer away from the usual way I cover the study articles because it may be more beneficial to consider what most likely happened to Jephthah’s daughter. You may be surprised to learn that the ending isn’t quite as happy as Watchtower would have you believe. Watchtower’s

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What All Religions Can Do

If you are a religious believer, odds are pretty good that you are confident that you are correct. You have a list of reasons why it is the truth and everyone else is wrong. But is that ability unique to your faith? This article covers what all religions can do to explain the truth of their claims and why this ability is not so special.

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Jehovah’s Witness Convention 2016—A Weekend of Robbery and Manipulation

Having viewed a few of the videos from the convention for this year, there is one in particular that disappoints me the most. Please watch: Robbing Children of Their Potential This video portrays a young man with musical talent being discouraged from pursuing his dreams. When I first saw this video, I nearly began to cry. There is nothing else

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