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Picking at Threads, Part 4 – The Origins of Yahwism

Our planet is about 4.5 billion years old. Our species has been here about 200,000 years. There were many religions and beliefs in the Ancient Near East, one of which became Judaism and thus, Christianity. But when, historically, did was the god Yahweh first worshiped and by whom? Is it possible to find this answer, especially when the Torah can be shown to have human origins? This article explores what evidence we do have and where it may point to the origins of the god Yahweh.

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The Importance of Probabilistic Reasoning

How do you determine if something is true? It could be anything from a claim about history or why your car is making a funny noise to what is most likely to happen in the future. Every single day of our lives, whether we realize it or not, we use probabilistic reasoning. As much as we would like it, it’s usually impossible to prove anything to a point of being irrefutable. This makes some people very uncomfortable as we humans love certainty. Nonetheless, we reason this way all the time probably without realizing it.

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Picking at Threads, Part 3 – Who Wrote the Torah?

For many, the Bible is the infallible, perfect Word of God, authored by the divine Creator of the Universe, penned by the prophets and pious religious leaders whose hands were guided by the Almighty. Traditionally, the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible) are said to have been written by Moses himself. But a close look at the text shows that this simply cannot be true.

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Watchtower Study June 5, 2016—Being Faithful Leads to God’s Approval

The Watchtower study for this weekend is all about Jephthah’s daughter. I’ve opted to veer away from the usual way I cover the study articles because it may be more beneficial to consider what most likely happened to Jephthah’s daughter. You may be surprised to learn that the ending isn’t quite as happy as Watchtower would have you believe. Watchtower’s

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Picking at Threads, Part 2 – Religions of the Ancient Near East

In part 2 of the Picking at Threads series, we have a look at some of the oldest religious traditions for which we have written evidence, in particular those of the Ancient Near East. The gods, stories, myths and heroes of these ancient peoples pre-date our oldest Biblical manuscripts by over a thousand years. This article will show how these cultures influenced each other as well as how their traditions changed over time and distance.

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