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Jehovah’s Witness Shunning Video Depicts Torture as Acceptable

Many who have heard of Jehovah’s Witnesses may be aware that they practice shunning. However, these same people may be unaware of the severity to which this practice is enforced. If you are a Witness, I invite you to continue reading for a discussion of why this practice is actually not scriptural, as well as a historical discussion of what the

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Watchtower Study May 29, 2016 “Jehovah Guides His People in the Way of Life”

Introduction The first two paragraphs of this weeks study open with a comparison of railroads to God. Featuring the three words, “STOP, LOOK, LISTEN” it is explained that over 100 years ago, big stop signs were added to railroad crossings so that vehicles would not be struck by a train and lives would be saved. But, they say, “Jehovah does

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