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The Problems of Divine Morality

A major point of contention between religious believers and secularists is that of morality. The subject is nearly inevitable any time there is a debate, discussion or other confrontation between the two groups and the conversation nearly always proceeds in the same manner. In this article, I intend to illustrate what I see as the most significant problems any theistic argument must overcome to legitimize the idea of divine morality. It is a difficult proposal indeed.

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The Importance of Probabilistic Reasoning

How do you determine if something is true? It could be anything from a claim about history or why your car is making a funny noise to what is most likely to happen in the future. Every single day of our lives, whether we realize it or not, we use probabilistic reasoning. As much as we would like it, it’s usually impossible to prove anything to a point of being irrefutable. This makes some people very uncomfortable as we humans love certainty. Nonetheless, we reason this way all the time probably without realizing it.

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Watchtower Study June 12, 2016—”Let Endurance Complete Its Work”

Introductory Paragraphs I honestly have always found the description of the tactics that Gideon uses to defeat his enemies in battle amazing. The horns he gave his men were horns that usually only occurred one in so many groups of soldiers, so for that many horns to blow at once back then would have given the impression that a huge army

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