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The Problems of Divine Morality

A major point of contention between religious believers and secularists is that of morality. The subject is nearly inevitable any time there is a debate, discussion or other confrontation between the two groups and the conversation nearly always proceeds in the same manner. In this article, I intend to illustrate what I see as the most significant problems any theistic argument must overcome to legitimize the idea of divine morality. It is a difficult proposal indeed.

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Can God Prove Anything?

Could an all powerful creator of the universe prove his sovereignty? According to JW theology that is precisely what God is doing as we speak, by allowing Satan an opportunity to rule this world and prove his claim that he could do better than God. Satan will eventually fail and this will prove that we need God to rule. Sounds reasonable, right? But is it even possible? This article explores this with a little creative thinking and imagination.

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