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Watchtower Study June 12, 2016—”Let Endurance Complete Its Work”

Introductory Paragraphs I honestly have always found the description of the tactics that Gideon uses to defeat his enemies in battle amazing. The horns he gave his men were horns that usually only occurred one in so many groups of soldiers, so for that many horns to blow at once back then would have given the impression that a huge army

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Jehovah’s Witness Convention 2016—A Weekend of Robbery and Manipulation

Having viewed a few of the videos from the convention for this year, there is one in particular that disappoints me the most. Please watch: Robbing Children of Their Potential This video portrays a young man with musical talent being discouraged from pursuing his dreams. When I first saw this video, I nearly began to cry. There is nothing else

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Jehovah’s Witness Convention 2016—Maintain Loyalty Symposium

Jehovah’s Witnesses attend various schools and assemblies. The biggest yearly assembly is the Regional Convention, where they stay in a hotel, or even travel daily, and attend a highly structured weekend of lectures. This year one of the first parts the attendees will hear is a three-part symposium. It’s purpose? LOYALTY INVOLVES OUR ENTIRE PERSON (1 min.) Our loyalty to Jehovah

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Jehovah’s Witness Shunning Video Depicts Torture as Acceptable

Many who have heard of Jehovah’s Witnesses may be aware that they practice shunning. However, these same people may be unaware of the severity to which this practice is enforced. If you are a Witness, I invite you to continue reading for a discussion of why this practice is actually not scriptural, as well as a historical discussion of what the

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