Other Resources

Here are several other websites you may find helpful in recovery, criticism or discussion. I found each of these websites useful in the months following my realization that Watchtowers doctrine was untrue and I hope that you may benefit from these resources as well.

JW Survey

This is a website run by John Cedars. His critique of Watchtower’s broadcasts and up to date articles on Watchtower current events on his blog are incredibly useful. You may appreciate his way of thinking, I certainly did and I encourage you to watch his videos.

JW Facts

This is an invaluable resource with incredibly well researched history and facts regarding Watchtower. There is bound to be something you can find on the pages of this website (backed up with citation) that you never knew about Watchtower doctrine. This is an incredible website, and I highly encourage review of it for any subject you may be interested in learning about Watchtower.

exJW Reddit

On the exJW reddit you will find many exJW’s who are easy to talk to and not in the least looking for a fight the way they are painted by Watchtower. You can go here and invent a username to ask any question you like of the posters. I’ve found them to be very reasonable and kind people personally, and I hope they will be as much help to you as they have been to me.

This list may grow in time, but for now these three are the ones I feel are the most important. Please remember to keep an open mind, and always look for evidence and proof that something is true. Look for well reported on books and sources to learn about subjects that you are having doubts about and make an informed decision about what is true and what is not.


Archive at JW Facts

Watchtower Publication Archive

Archive of JW Books

These three links are to archives of old publications by Watchtower. Please note, the second is slightly confusing at first as it just opens a page that seems to only say, “English.” But notice the menu to the left and make your selections from there. All of this information is probably a little daunting to look at, but it’s provided here more for reference. Feel free to explore any of the information there of course. On your journey to discover what’s true and what is not about Watchtower, you will come across many references to old publications that you won’t be able to find on their website. Now you can find them.