Where to Turn if You Were Abused

Sadly, there are many who were hurt by child abuse both still in the Watchtower organization and who have left. The findings of the Royal Commission into Child Abuse hearing in Australia provide alarming insight as to the possible number of victims all around the world.

From 1950 to 2014, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society amassed 5,000 files detailing sexual abuse of Australian children by 1,006 of its members…


If you are a victim of abuse by a member of the Watchtower organization and would like to talk to someone about seeking justice for this crime, I recommend reaching out to the Zalkin law firm in California. I recently spoke to a gentlemen from the firm and I was very impressed by his knowledge of how Watchtower works. You would be dealing with people who truly do understand the circumstances of these crimes and why Watchtower is responsible for enabling child abuse throughout the organization. The man I spoke to genuinely cared, and it’s for that reason I recommend them to anyone who doesn’t know where to turn.

Below is a link to their contact page, and to those hurt by Watchtower may I add that I am truly sorry that such a thing happened to you. I hope that you are able to seek justice and see Watchtower pay for enabling an environment that harms children.

Contact Form for Zalkin